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Stolen goods

On May 8th, 2013 the following items were taken from my house by a thief, whose conscience by now must be in deep trouble:

  • Laptop DELL Vostro 1520 (service tag 3prpqk1; express service code 8088551857)
  • Laptop DELL Latitude E6520 (service tag dx9x6r1)
  • Camrecorder Canon LEGRA HF R36 (Canon Product Number 0036×223)
  • Tablet ASUS E-pad (TF201-1B101A; SN: C40KAS128126; VN: 8652)
  • Smartphone HTC Desire Brown A8181 (IMEI: 357841035270541; S/N: HT05LPL03711; P/N: 99HKZ011-00)

If you happen to come across this desperate message because you have just typed one of the product numbers,  I would greatly appreciate your help in retracing these goods. I am especially interested in refinding my Laptop DELL Latitude, as it contains exclusive personal data that are highly valuable to me (photographs of my baby daughter and literary translations). My e-mail address is pieter.boulogne@gmail.com.


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